About Us

We are an informational blog that will talk about different subjects and we are always open to any ideas you have for us to talk about but you will need to email us any ideas or comments or concerns you have we will also take new ideas on how to imporve our website. And we will also be talking about subjects that might not really matter we dont go into politics or anything like that we jsut talk about every day topics and i will do my best to respond to anyting and to update daily.

Our users

We are here to help you with anything you might feel needs to be talked about it doesn thave to be something huge it can be small we are always open to new ideas but you will have to contact us with comments or anything you would liek to talk about or if you would like to have us publish something of yours we will try our best but you can send us anythig at littlethingsblog12@gmail.com

History of project

I created this website because i really like to write about things and i always wanted a website to go to for advice and i am now making one for everyone to see and i am hoping everyone is as excited as i am about this website.